Thanal Conservation Action


Thanal Conservation Action is registered under Indian Companies Act 1956 as a company limited by shares. The registered name of the company is Thanal Conservation Action Information and Trading Network Private Limited. Thanal Conservation Action facilitates Sustainable Solutions for Environment.

Thanal Conservation Action is run by volunteers and no profit is distributed to its directors / shareholders. The surplus is completely contributed to promotion of conservation of environment activities in India.


(As in Memorandum of Association Part III, Section A.)

Carry on the business of developing and dealing in products and technologies which are environmentally sound and cause no or minimal / least harm to ecosystems
Carry on the business of undertaing studies and projects and developing and running communication projects for institutions, companies, Government Organizations, Individuals, contributing to better understanding of environment problems and conservation and protection of environment and wildlife. To conduct trainings for providing expertise to institutions, companies, government organization, individuals in implementing or executing conservation programmes


Consultancy projects

We undertake consultancy projects on solid waste management and organic farming.


We undertake research on solid waste management, market study on environment friendly products and services


We drive campaigns to enhance the market for eco friendly livelihood activities which will strengthen local economy


We give Training and Education programmes to build capacity among social entrepreneurs, and Government agencies promoting social enterprises.


We facilitate marketing of products and services of eco friendly micro enterprises in India through networking with other organizations and individuals.

Technical Consultancy

We provide technical consultancy and support for Governments, communities, companies, institutions and individuals on subjects related to environment and development.


Mr. Jayakumar C.

A pioneer in environment education in Kerala, India. He is an expert in policies related to chemical safety, environment and wildlife and tourism. He is actively engaged in the initiatives for conservation of environment and wildlife for past 4 decades. He is a trustee of Thanal Trust a leading environmental organization in India and he is a Director of Organic Bazaar a social enterprise for promotion of marketing of organic produce

Mr. Satish K.S.

He is a social activist who care for nature and is engaged in activities related to conservation of environment

Mr. Raju S.

He is a noted ornithologist, who have been working in the field of environment education and conservation of wildlife for past two decades. He is engaged in programmes related to climate change and zero waste.


Regd. Office
Kavil Variyam,
Kodakara P.O.,
Thrissur District
Kerala, India 680684.
Tel +91 480 2720121
Business Address
L-14, Jawahar Nagar,
Kawdiar P.O.,
Kerala, India 695003.
Tel / Fax : +91 471 2727152

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